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Connect the monitor to another working computer. This is done t5o check if the monitor works on another computer or not? If it goes well then, probably the problem lies with a bad video card.

So, here rent a working monitor from somewhere and connect it to your device. If it works, then the monitor is in bad condition and should be replaced.

Solution 3: The Last Step One Can Try to Fix this Problem

Technical experts recommend users to replace the video card or either the device should be professionally repaired.

Desktop Support

Connect to Tech Support Engineers to Fix Computer Related issues With Advanced Remedies

We are available for customers 24/7 hours at Pavilion Computer Support Number to provide full assistance to them related to desktop issues. Technical experts are experienced, skilled and competent to handle all kinds of issues confined to desktop as well as other devices. So, feel free to connect with us anytime and experience our hassle free solutions at your desk whenever in need.

The error is usually accompanied by black screen visibility when users are trying to start the device. Fix Computer Monitor is Blank Issue by approaching our technical team who is always ready to assist its customers with adept solutions at their desk. However we have solutions below to easily allow users resolve this error faster. But there lies various other causes to allow this error take over regular working process. Computer may be turned off, may be the monitor is not getting enough power, power strip issues and also the reason may due to computer is not getting any signal. Let us see how to overcome this error now.

Steps to Fix Computer Monitor issues are as Follows:

Step 1: Check whether the Computer is Turned on or not

The very first thing which users should consider is to check whether their desktop is turned on or not? Well, a light will be there on the CPU which will prompt users whether the device is on or not.