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Posted: 9 Nov 2018

Steps to Fix Computer Monitor issues are as Follows:

Step 1: Check whether the Computer is Turned on or not

The very first thing which users should consider is to check whether their desktop is turned on or not? Well, a light will be there on the CPU which will prompt users whether the device is on or not.

Step 2: Perform a Check Whether the Monitor is Getting Power or not

If there is no light appearing on the monitor screen then, maybe it is not getting any power from the power source. So, as advised by Computer Support team, do check if all plugs are in secured state or not?

Power the cord from the desktop to the power strip and then again power strip it to the wall.

Fix Computer Monitor is Blank Issue

Step 3: Have a check whether the power strip is turned on or not

There will be a light which will appear on the strip. To fix computer monitor issues, check whether the indicator light is on or not?

Step 4: Check whether the monitor is getting signals from the computer or not?

A light will be visible on the monitor. Check whether it is turned on or not? A green light on the front of the monitor will indicate that the device is getting a signal from the computer or not?

An orange light will now indicate whether there is any signal coming from the computer or not? Do ensure that the computer is turned on and lights will be visible on the front of it. Check for the cable whether it is running from the monitor to the computer.

Step 5: Check for the brightness issues

To get rid of the monitor issue, do ensure that the brightness of the desktop is set correctly